The sun is a medium star at the middle of our solar system. It is not  only the biggest star in the universe. It is a nearly spherical ball of hot plasma. The sun has a mass of 330,000 that of Earth. The sun is mostly made of hydrogen and helium. The sun is a G-type Main-sequence star (G2V) based on spectral class. The enormous effect the Sun on the Earth had been recognized since prehistoric times. The sun may have dark spots, or sunspots. These were caused by the sun's gigantic electromagnetic field. The sun is dangerous because it has ultraviolet rays. These rays may damage your skin so put sun screen always and also respect the sun.                                   


Fleire here.

I have ranted a couple of days ago about Google deleting Dabby's account. 

Right now, his journal and blog is not showing up his name anymore. His blog name is showing up as Unknown due to being suspended. :(

Here's the story - The problem was that, I signed him up with his own account at our company's Google apps so that he can have access to email, Google Drive's docs and spreadsheet to use for school. Unfortunately, he accidentally signed up for Google+ and added his real age and birthdate. This in turn flagged Google and suspended his account - assignments and all. 

No idea how to retrieve his files. I can't even delete the account so that I can transfer his files to my own account and retrieve his assignments.

The good thing was that his blog is co-authored by me so at least I can access that. And some of his shared files. But the rest? Bye bye!

Sad day! And we have to redo one of his assignments to send in to his school because we can't retrieve the files. :(

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