Nov 26, 2014

 Dear Santa,

     I want a portal gun. I was waiting curiously what sound effects will it give of and what will happen. I thought it will shoot out portals. 
   I was good because I always find white hair in my mom's head and guess what? I got coins from my mom for that. I was also good because I also share my stuff and toys.

If you didn't give me a portal gun then give me a Minecraft Dantdm figure.

I was late on the letter because I thought I will write you my letter when it's almost December.


Sometimes you want to make a girl fake-smile in front of her audience. YOU can do this easily!  

Follow these 3 steps below:

Step 1: Go beside an angry girl on stage. 
Step 2: Shine a spotlight on her and tell the audience she is going to sing or dance or any talent.

As you can see, see did a fake smile when you shined a spotlight on her.

Step 3: When she's done showing her talent,  shine the spotlight once again on her then she will fake smile again.

Thank you for reading!


                    Source: Getty


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