Since I got the RR mod (Rival Rebels mod), I want to get the Gulliver mod because you have controls that make you giant and tiny. I can do it instantly. I will use it during wars so I can get powerful. I will be immune to nukes and can't be knocked out by plasma. I will scare everyone with this mod.
  I will also get the  Mutant mod. I will explore all the monsters, then I will ask an admin to slideshow  a war against the Mutant zombie.
  I will also get the tank mod. In the mod, I will set up my tank and fight. It takes a long time to defeat me in my tank.
    I want to show the rebels tricks too. Hope to get those mods soon!
A hug is a kind of act to show love for someone.

To hug, you put your arms around a person's waist or neck. When you hug on someone's neck, don't choke them.

My parents and all my friends give me hugs because they like me very much. They hug me because they always love me.

I want hugs when I am about to sleep at night. It is like saying "good night".

Hugs make me feel warm and cozy and happy. Hugs cuddle me and make me feel relaxed and happy. That's why  I feel  warm and cozy.

   It's almost my birthday. I have to make it fun. I don't know what makes it fun because there's lots of things that makes it fun. But now I got it figured out.  

I  think we will go to two hotels: Waterfront and Radisson. In both hotels, we will stay there for 2 days. We will buy chocolate cake too. It will be a pleasant birthday. 

What's your plan for your birthday?

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