Rival rebels guns Like the m-202-RR shoot

missiles and cause mass destruction in ground and air 
and knocks blocks side to side or down. The einstien  does not destroy the ground and does not
kill animals. Instead it kills mobs but it does not work on the endler dragon. The plasma cannon
does not damage the ground but knock mobs and animals and it has the greatest models ever. The tesla is painful and it's great for mining because it destroys rocks and ore. The stealth bomber (B2spirit) is
too destructive. Its a bit nuclear weak  and you summon the stealthbomber. It's for PVP attacks. Let's get the mod now!

         I like it when I watch about amazing nuke mods in the game - Minecraft.

     The nuke mod is awesome like it's going to destroy your whole world. If you detonate the  nuke and it explodes,  there will be blocks that hurt you if you step on it.

    It's the most amazing mod that I want get it soon!

From rival rebels

From rival rebels.com

       There are guns (not bow and arrow) that cause massive damage. Some would shoot missiles and some would damage mobs only. 
        You can get guns like the Einstein, M202-RR, Tesla, flamethrower, plasma cannon, and the most powerful, Stealthbomber (B2Spirit). I like to get the rival rebels mod.
From rival rebels. com
Yellow looks like bright sunlight.
Yellow sounds like fire heating.
Yellow smells like smoke.
Yellow tastes like mango.
Yellow makes me feel warm.

     What I like best about yesterday  is staying up all night until  morning. My mom complained about it. But it was too late! It was morning now.

     So my mom decided to go hiking  without sleeping. We walked and walked and walked. I got my haircut on the way. I drank Taho too. We enjoyed our hiking until my mom got woozy and sleepy. So we took a shortcut and rode a tricycle back home.

     I took a bath to wash my hair. Then we sleep. I wish to walk again without sleeping.
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