My dad made me feel happy when weekends started. Dad gave me a fun toy called
B-Daman Crossfire. The toy became my favorite toy.

I played it a lot with my dad. I also want to do a PVP with my mom too. I tried to fight my
mom by shooting balls from toy robots. My goal is to shoot balls to the yellow blocks and to knock three red blocks to mom's base. The blocks are stacked slighty high but it is balanced in an arena. I shoot as fast as I can. I finally won against my mom.

Would you like to PVP with me?
I found a flounder and I thought, "Swell,
I'll take it to school for show and tell.''
But I forgot quite a spell.
To take it to  school for show and tell,
And now it's two weeks later.... Well... I
'll take it to school for show and smell.

I think I am really good at swimming. I can tread  and I can do pulls and breathing. 

There is only one thing I need to be taught. Treading too long. I can't do it. Also the frog kick too. My mom taught me how but I can't do it. But I can only do it with teacher Bin. I thought and thought about it. I think it could work for another swimming class. Nothing came on. 

I don't have swimming classes anymore. I'm still happy and I hope to learn a new skill! I'm sure to learn a new skill!

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