I am happiest when I get to play with my friends, Miguel and Gabe.

Miguel and Gabe are brothers. They live in their apartment in Manila. Miguel is the older brother and Gabe is the younger brother.

Tita Ysobel  took us in her car to Resorts World.  It was a beautiful hotel. We stayed in our own room. Gabe and Miguel had their own room, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Gabe always knocks at my door when he's awake. I had a sleepover with Gabe and Miguel. We played lots of iPad. I went back to my room. We only stayed overnight. I slept in my bed at night. At daytime, I woke up and eat breakfast.

Then we swam in a deep pool. I squirt Miguel with a water gun a lot and I  swam with Gabe.  After we finished swiming, we rode Tita Ysobel's car .

I went to City Garden Hotel and said, "Goodbye" and I stayed in City Garden Hotel for two more days. All I did is to watch TV and play I pad. Now we went back home.

Do you think I will stay in our house? Not this time. My mom said, "We're going back to Manila this week".

I'm so excited to go back to Manila again.
Last week, I had my last day of swimming. I  swam to the deepest part of the pool. I wasn't scared but my mom was scared. My teacher, Bin, let me tread 10 counts. 

At first, I only did five counts. It was not that much. But this time it was 10 counts. Bin let me swim very far and come back. I did what she said. With one push off the wall of the pool, I swam as far as I could and I finally came back to Bin. 

That night, when the sun sets, Glen came to us while we were swimming. He greeted us. Then he taught me a trick called, Somersaulting In Water. I watched him doing that trick. Then Glen helped me do it. I turned backwards and came out of the water. I said, "That was a COOL trick!" Glen let me try again. It is the best trick ever.

Then the lifeguard said told us to stay away from the pool because there was lightning. We went home after that.

I want to go back swimming again.
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