We were looking forward to May 2014 because of one thing - One Big Camp.

So when the event was cancelled due to the disappearance and cancellations of the other participants, we were left with the choice of either to push thru or to cancel it. We chose to continue the camp (after much hesitation on our end.

And by "we", we meant the Amora and the Castro families. It was a great decision because the boys - Maven, Rayne, Dabby - had a lot of fun! 

We decided to continue our own version of camping at the same place where the event was to be held - at Governer Leyson's Peak in Taptap, Cebu City. It was a place farther than Tops (Busay) by the way (and to think we have not been there yet!).

The whole weekend was a weekend of FIRSTS for Dabby. He did these things for the first time - camping (glamping), witnessing a bonfire, cooking hotdog over bonfire, horseback riding, and ziplining. Yep, he did all those over the weekend.

Now, they say that the mountains can help you unwind and disconnect from technology. And that's what we did exactly. Day 1 was full of photos from the experience, but on Day 2, we were totally out of battery and therefore, out of documentation photos. But it was fine. Kristoffer (Buboy) Amora was armed and ready with a camera and we got our memories saved.

Yes, the photos of Day 2 on this post is courtesy of Kristoffer Amora. We ran out of juice and didn't take any charger with us on the second day.

Here are the photos and stories on the caption:


Check out my backpack and outfit. Super serious with his getup. Except that he was wearing a sweater on a sunny day. Yep, we just don't want him to get sunburn.

The Pajero was jam-packed. Look at the boys and me.

The scenery up there. Breathtaking. 

Pitching the tent.

Tent pitching video!

And the group pic - Castros and Amoras.

Our dinner was composed of native chicken tinola, sinugbang pork belly, breaded porkchops. We were famished as the food arrived a tad late.

The bonfire creation. It was monstrously big and hot.

Group picture. With the bonfire this time.

The boy and their cooking. HOT HOT HOT!


First time to ride a horse! This is Cheena (?).

Go horsey!

Dabby looking so pale anticipating the zipline. We were very, VERY hesitant to let him do this. But he wanted to zip with Rayne and we had to say yes.

Hugs for the little boy. ;(

He's back to mom and dad's arms!! Wasn't so bad after all.

And the supermen after their ziplining. Such brave kiddos!

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