Nov 26, 2014

 Dear Santa,

     I want a portal gun. I was waiting curiously what sound effects will it give of and what will happen. I thought it will shoot out portals. 
   I was good because I always find white hair in my mom's head and guess what? I got coins from my mom for that. I was also good because I also share my stuff and toys.

If you didn't give me a portal gun then give me a Minecraft Dantdm figure.

I was late on the letter because I thought I will write you my letter when it's almost December.


Sometimes you want to make a girl fake-smile in front of her audience. YOU can do this easily!  

Follow these 3 steps below:

Step 1: Go beside an angry girl on stage. 
Step 2: Shine a spotlight on her and tell the audience she is going to sing or dance or any talent.

As you can see, see did a fake smile when you shined a spotlight on her.

Step 3: When she's done showing her talent,  shine the spotlight once again on her then she will fake smile again.

Thank you for reading!


                    Source: Getty


   Since I got the RR mod (Rival Rebels mod), I want to get the Gulliver mod because you have controls that make you giant and tiny. I can do it instantly. I will use it during wars so I can get powerful. I will be immune to nukes and can't be knocked out by plasma. I will scare everyone with this mod.
  I will also get the  Mutant mod. I will explore all the monsters, then I will ask an admin to slideshow  a war against the Mutant zombie.
  I will also get the tank mod. In the mod, I will set up my tank and fight. It takes a long time to defeat me in my tank.
    I want to show the rebels tricks too. Hope to get those mods soon!
A hug is a kind of act to show love for someone.

To hug, you put your arms around a person's waist or neck. When you hug on someone's neck, don't choke them.

My parents and all my friends give me hugs because they like me very much. They hug me because they always love me.

I want hugs when I am about to sleep at night. It is like saying "good night".

Hugs make me feel warm and cozy and happy. Hugs cuddle me and make me feel relaxed and happy. That's why  I feel  warm and cozy.

   It's almost my birthday. I have to make it fun. I don't know what makes it fun because there's lots of things that makes it fun. But now I got it figured out.  

I  think we will go to two hotels: Waterfront and Radisson. In both hotels, we will stay there for 2 days. We will buy chocolate cake too. It will be a pleasant birthday. 

What's your plan for your birthday?

heyyouareyouplace               and whenmoretombs     whoa oh yeah lopsinder  

challenge: Invisible  words

Hey yo hey in Invisible u know 
I got a long and big toy lightsaber.  It's unusual because its blade lights up. It's not like other blades.  The lightsaber comes from a movie Star Wars.  Darthvader  owns the lightsaber.
I got the gift from Santa. I was very surprised when I got the gift. The gift was a long big shiny lightsaber. I got the gift last Christmas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I can use it anytime, anywhere. I don't need to learn how to use it.  It's easy to use.
                                                                                                                                                                  The lightsaber was kept in a box where it is safe to put. It is kept for having fun.
                                                                                                                                                                    I really going to enjoy this gift.                                                                                                                                                                                            I shared the lightsaber with dad.

           My life is now fun. It's an everyday weekend today. The weekends, Sunday and Saturday are all fun. There's also  like Wednesday and Friday.  They are both fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

      What I like best about this year that I got the Rival Rebels mod. It was amazing! I was the most powerful, fastest, latest, shooter . I was destructive. 

        Plus  I also play  in break time during Wednesday and Friday.  On Fridays, we go to the office to sleepover. It was an amazing break time. On Wednesdays, we go to Dakasi, a bubble tea shop. I play I pad in Dakasi. It's amazing. Today we're going to multiplayer in Rival Rebels. I'm sure that I will enjoy multiplayer.

         I'm  afraid of riding in a Malaysian aeroplane/ airplane because MALAYSIAN AIRLINES SUCK. 123, 890, 645, 198 suck. Do you know why?

      It's because Malaysian airplanes  got shot and crashed this year. I don't want to ride an Malaysian airplane cause everyone hates Malaysian aeroplanes or airplanes. This is very sad to the Malaysians but there is an fantasy end.

         Now it's up to Kutunz,  the rage cat,  to defeat the bad guys in Asia who killed Malaysian people.  Kutztown is where I live now with the two heroic human cats, Colonel cat and Kutunz the cat. Today, they are going to fight the katnins or bad people who mostly want Malaysians killed.     Then the war began. Kutunz made the fight end by  detonating a nuke.  Colonel Cat and Kutunz escaped from the explosion of the nuke with relish.
 Colonel Cat and Kutunz  were honored by the Filipinos for helping the Malaysians and the news spread all over the world. But there is one more thing what to honor.  The cat nurses. Do you know why? The Malaysians died and want them alive and new . The hired nursing cats handed out a health ball and put them over the dead Malaysians. Soon the Malaysians were alive!
     So, I'm not afriad of riding a Malaysian airplane. I now call it, The Best Airplane or The Best Airliner.

  Thank you for reading! If you are a fan, then read these fun fantasy war world chapters of Kutunz: The Magic Stick, The Colonel,  Parody Classic, and The Great Space war.

Rival rebels guns Like the m-202-RR shoot

missiles and cause mass destruction in ground and air 
and knocks blocks side to side or down. The einstien  does not destroy the ground and does not
kill animals. Instead it kills mobs but it does not work on the endler dragon. The plasma cannon
does not damage the ground but knock mobs and animals and it has the greatest models ever. The tesla is painful and it's great for mining because it destroys rocks and ore. The stealth bomber (B2spirit) is
too destructive. Its a bit nuclear weak  and you summon the stealthbomber. It's for PVP attacks. Let's get the mod now!

         I like it when I watch about amazing nuke mods in the game - Minecraft.

     The nuke mod is awesome like it's going to destroy your whole world. If you detonate the  nuke and it explodes,  there will be blocks that hurt you if you step on it.

    It's the most amazing mod that I want get it soon!

From rival rebels

From rival

       There are guns (not bow and arrow) that cause massive damage. Some would shoot missiles and some would damage mobs only. 
        You can get guns like the Einstein, M202-RR, Tesla, flamethrower, plasma cannon, and the most powerful, Stealthbomber (B2Spirit). I like to get the rival rebels mod.
From rival rebels. com
Yellow looks like bright sunlight.
Yellow sounds like fire heating.
Yellow smells like smoke.
Yellow tastes like mango.
Yellow makes me feel warm.

     What I like best about yesterday  is staying up all night until  morning. My mom complained about it. But it was too late! It was morning now.

     So my mom decided to go hiking  without sleeping. We walked and walked and walked. I got my haircut on the way. I drank Taho too. We enjoyed our hiking until my mom got woozy and sleepy. So we took a shortcut and rode a tricycle back home.

     I took a bath to wash my hair. Then we sleep. I wish to walk again without sleeping.
My dad made me feel happy when weekends started. Dad gave me a fun toy called
B-Daman Crossfire. The toy became my favorite toy.

I played it a lot with my dad. I also want to do a PVP with my mom too. I tried to fight my
mom by shooting balls from toy robots. My goal is to shoot balls to the yellow blocks and to knock three red blocks to mom's base. The blocks are stacked slighty high but it is balanced in an arena. I shoot as fast as I can. I finally won against my mom.

Would you like to PVP with me?
I found a flounder and I thought, "Swell,
I'll take it to school for show and tell.''
But I forgot quite a spell.
To take it to  school for show and tell,
And now it's two weeks later.... Well... I
'll take it to school for show and smell.

I think I am really good at swimming. I can tread  and I can do pulls and breathing. 

There is only one thing I need to be taught. Treading too long. I can't do it. Also the frog kick too. My mom taught me how but I can't do it. But I can only do it with teacher Bin. I thought and thought about it. I think it could work for another swimming class. Nothing came on. 

I don't have swimming classes anymore. I'm still happy and I hope to learn a new skill! I'm sure to learn a new skill!

I am happiest when I get to play with my friends, Miguel and Gabe.

Miguel and Gabe are brothers. They live in their apartment in Manila. Miguel is the older brother and Gabe is the younger brother.

Tita Ysobel  took us in her car to Resorts World.  It was a beautiful hotel. We stayed in our own room. Gabe and Miguel had their own room, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Gabe always knocks at my door when he's awake. I had a sleepover with Gabe and Miguel. We played lots of iPad. I went back to my room. We only stayed overnight. I slept in my bed at night. At daytime, I woke up and eat breakfast.

Then we swam in a deep pool. I squirt Miguel with a water gun a lot and I  swam with Gabe.  After we finished swiming, we rode Tita Ysobel's car .

I went to City Garden Hotel and said, "Goodbye" and I stayed in City Garden Hotel for two more days. All I did is to watch TV and play I pad. Now we went back home.

Do you think I will stay in our house? Not this time. My mom said, "We're going back to Manila this week".

I'm so excited to go back to Manila again.
Last week, I had my last day of swimming. I  swam to the deepest part of the pool. I wasn't scared but my mom was scared. My teacher, Bin, let me tread 10 counts. 

At first, I only did five counts. It was not that much. But this time it was 10 counts. Bin let me swim very far and come back. I did what she said. With one push off the wall of the pool, I swam as far as I could and I finally came back to Bin. 

That night, when the sun sets, Glen came to us while we were swimming. He greeted us. Then he taught me a trick called, Somersaulting In Water. I watched him doing that trick. Then Glen helped me do it. I turned backwards and came out of the water. I said, "That was a COOL trick!" Glen let me try again. It is the best trick ever.

Then the lifeguard said told us to stay away from the pool because there was lightning. We went home after that.

I want to go back swimming again.
We were looking forward to May 2014 because of one thing - One Big Camp.

So when the event was cancelled due to the disappearance and cancellations of the other participants, we were left with the choice of either to push thru or to cancel it. We chose to continue the camp (after much hesitation on our end.

And by "we", we meant the Amora and the Castro families. It was a great decision because the boys - Maven, Rayne, Dabby - had a lot of fun! 

We decided to continue our own version of camping at the same place where the event was to be held - at Governer Leyson's Peak in Taptap, Cebu City. It was a place farther than Tops (Busay) by the way (and to think we have not been there yet!).

The whole weekend was a weekend of FIRSTS for Dabby. He did these things for the first time - camping (glamping), witnessing a bonfire, cooking hotdog over bonfire, horseback riding, and ziplining. Yep, he did all those over the weekend.

Now, they say that the mountains can help you unwind and disconnect from technology. And that's what we did exactly. Day 1 was full of photos from the experience, but on Day 2, we were totally out of battery and therefore, out of documentation photos. But it was fine. Kristoffer (Buboy) Amora was armed and ready with a camera and we got our memories saved.

Yes, the photos of Day 2 on this post is courtesy of Kristoffer Amora. We ran out of juice and didn't take any charger with us on the second day.

Here are the photos and stories on the caption:


Check out my backpack and outfit. Super serious with his getup. Except that he was wearing a sweater on a sunny day. Yep, we just don't want him to get sunburn.

The Pajero was jam-packed. Look at the boys and me.

The scenery up there. Breathtaking. 

Pitching the tent.

Tent pitching video!

And the group pic - Castros and Amoras.

Our dinner was composed of native chicken tinola, sinugbang pork belly, breaded porkchops. We were famished as the food arrived a tad late.

The bonfire creation. It was monstrously big and hot.

Group picture. With the bonfire this time.

The boy and their cooking. HOT HOT HOT!


First time to ride a horse! This is Cheena (?).

Go horsey!

Dabby looking so pale anticipating the zipline. We were very, VERY hesitant to let him do this. But he wanted to zip with Rayne and we had to say yes.

Hugs for the little boy. ;(

He's back to mom and dad's arms!! Wasn't so bad after all.

And the supermen after their ziplining. Such brave kiddos!

Blogged by Fleire Castro for Dabby Castro
Storm Directions

To tell how far the storm is:

1. Wait for lightning.
2. When you see lightning, you start counting slowly.
3.When you hear thunder, stop counting.

The number you get tells how far the storm is in miles.


We had the topic of timelines yesterday and it's a good time to highlight some events that happened from 2006 until today.



Cosplayed as soldier for Halloween 2014.

Learned to play Chess

Summertime! Had swimming classes

Went camping and ziplined for the first time!

Finished Calvert School Second Grade with Honors

Traveled to Iligan City for Fleire's guest speaker invitation at MSUIIT SCS. Met family.

Traveled to Makati with Fleire and Mark for the ECommerce Summit speaker invitation.

Dabby wears his glasses for the first time. Diagnosed for astigmatism. 350/275. Poor kiddo.

Dabby had his 7th birthday.
Dabby started 2nd Grade homeschooling with Calvert at age 6

Dabby had his 6th birthday.
Dabby started 1st Grade homeschooling with Calvert at age 5

June 2012

Visit in Iligan

Meeting my aunties in Iligan - Aranthxa and Martha

Date with my two lolas!

Dates with Lala in Cebu

Meeting Lala Fely for the first time (in flesh!)

May 2012

I'm joining the race at Gabii sa Kabilin

The whole gang at Ayala!

Startup Weekend. Staying at UP Cebu for the weekend.

Building Lego with Dad

Yay, I'm 1st Grade with Calvert!

April 2012

Visiting Crocodile Park

Visiting the Philippine Eagle

With Dad (Childhood place became a tiangge)

Astronomy event in Davao

On our way to Davao!

My fortress. Bang!


Poor little bird!

Ah I love reading

Visiting the Cebu City Public Library

Making my award winning cupcake!

Big bubble!

Toys galore


Making my own pot!

Enjoying SM with Ate Bembem

March 2012

Mango juice! At Mooon Cafe

Yay! Ate Bembem visits us!

My Cottons story

Trying out her macbook

Rockin new macbook of Mom

Coffee shop with my dad

Yay! Here's my work.

Clay workshop with homeschoolers


Plane ride going home

First time at Manila Ocean Park

OMG a manta ray!

Overlooking Manila Bay in our H2O Hotel room

Yep, don't disturb

Waiting for our room at Hotel H2O

Breakfast at Jupiter Suites!

I'm an astronaut at the Science Discovery Center in MOA

Favorite ride with Dad

Scared shitless inside the ball

First time in MOA

Traveled to Manila for Mom's conference


Ate Bembem visits Dabby in Gunob

Hanging out with magic friends on Vinrek's bday

First time in TGIF and never came back

Dabby had his 5th birthday.
Dabby started Kindergarten homeschooling with Calvert at age 4
Dabby visits Iligan for Uncle Bob and Auntie Bembem's graduation

Dabby goes island hopping with mommy and Auntie Faith and Bob

Dabby joins another blogger event

Dabby looks at Robot loot from Siquijor

Dabby travels to Siquijor for the first time. Also last time to see Auntie Ging-ging.

Dabby greeting Lala Fely Happy Mother's Day

Dabby and his homemade car

Dabby joins blogging event with mom.

Dabby's favorite megasketcher

Dabby graduates from pre-kindergarten of Calvert School!

Dabby and first time at Waterfront Cebu

Dab playing with the magic

Dab and his Franzy haircut

Dab and his ice melting project

Dab and his house drawing

Dab's rainbow connection.

Dab's pet caught a bird.

Dabby first mongos project.

Dabby gigil with cat.

Dab photo with Lolo Boy and Mommy

Dab singing Beautiful Sunday with Lolo Boy.

Dab first time riding a kalesa.

Dab at the wake of Lolo Bam

Dab at the cockpit

Dab and his painting project for school

Dabby playing PS

Dabby making valentine's card.

Dabby studying about farm animals.


Dabby gardening with Kutunz

Dab getting friendly with Koreans

Dab eating out with parents

Dabby and New Year Celeb

Dab and family visiting Mactan Shrine for the first time

Dab and Christmas 2010

Dab and family at family picture of the year.

Dabby had his 4th birthday.

Dabby's day out

Dab with Ninang Naj

Dab's fave McDonald store in Mactan

Dab and a Christmas tree

Dab at hotel Don Merto for Mom's training event

Dabby and school in December.

Dabby learning to write his name.

Dab and a Christmas tree

Dab loves pizza!

Dab bathing in the rain.

Dab prepping the Christmas tree and putting the star.

Dab making Jello salad

Dab joined Maribago Bluewater Halloween event and won best costume!

Dab and Dad prepping for Halloween.

Dab learning to feed himself.

Dab learning solubility

Dab visiting Fort San Pedro

Dab having fun with Kutunz

Dab's tree drawing.

Dab joining Comicon.

Dab and mom being silly with magic cards.

Dabby reading Dr. Seuss book.

Dabby and mortal enemy

Dabby watching hobbyists at the mall.

Dabby's huge boat project.

Dabby joining events with mommy.

Dabby's Kutunz at his spot.

Dabby's first train set.

Dabby still loves planes.

Dabby and vehicles.

Dabby busy with school work.

Dabby playing iPad and ruining his eyes.

Dabby tracing hand at homeschool lesson.

Dabby's first hotel stay at Golden Prince Hotel (along with Daddy's birthday celebration).

Dabby visits Mactan Aquarium for the first time.

Dabby's fave pet grows bigger.

Dabby goes to school with neighbor kid - Manang.

Dabby sorting stuff at school

Dabby as a little Indian drummer boy.

Dabby makes epic projects for homeschooling. Here's a teepee.

Dabby meets pet cat Kutunz for the first time. The cat was rescued from the streetside in the neighborhood.

Dabby tries his hand at gardening.

Dabby's drawings are epic.

Dabby loves playing games on Dad's PSP.

Dabby loves mommy's laptop.

Dabby loves watching others play video games.

Dabby's first my family picture.

Dabby loves his little apartment at Gunob, Lapulapu.

Dabby joins mommy at blogger events.

Dabby plays with neighbor kids.

Dabby got his first pet a fish. It died after 3 days.

Dabby loves going to malls and just trolling around.

Dabby started pre-K homeschooling with Calvert at age 3.

Dabby loves airplanes.

..and loves to paint and draw.

Dabby's first gadget - a first gen iPad was also bought at this month.

Dabby went fishing for the first time

First haircut (?)

David visits playroom for the first time

December - Dabby visits Iligan for the first time and meets Daddy's family

Dabby was born in December in Lapulapu City
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